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Catamaran Ariki
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Building Tiki 26 in 180 days

Do it Yourself Catamaran
There are many questions and the choice depends on several things, the aim and the area of sailing included. A boat should be easy to carry around, it should not sink too deep, there should be a lot of space on the deck, it has to be fast and of course it has to be low-cost and easy to maintain.


Tiki 26 - Technical Data
Length: 8,10 m,
Width: 4,63 m
Draft: 0,60 m
Weight: 800 kg
Capacity: 700 kg
Sails: 26,5 m2

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Finally the big day came and the catamaran got its name: Ariki.


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Where does the name Ariki come from and what does it mean?

Maori are people living on islands in the Pacific all the way from Polynesia to New Zealand.
Their traditional ships are catamarans. Ariki in their language is how they call a firstborn child.

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whiteball.JPG (1027 bytes) Do it Yourself Catamaran
whiteball.JPG (1027 bytes) Launch

whiteball.JPG (1027 bytes) Where can I get the plan?

whiteball.JPG (1027 bytes) Where can I buy a used Wharram catamaran?

whiteball.JPG (1027 bytes) Where can I get a Wharram catamaran charter?

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Islands Kornati
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Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days
The DIY construction plan is actually a comic book including all of the instructions on how to use tools and materials. It is meant as a construction of playwood, wood and epoxy. So the boat is easy, flexible and strong.
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1000 Miles of the Adriatic Sea

We left Izola on the 2nd of September in 2004 at 9am. Janez was on board in the first part of the journey. First we landed on the 4th of September at 10pm in a small fishermen dock called Portorose 10 NM north of Pescara.
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Cruising the Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Sea, East Coast:
Croatia, Montenegro, Albania
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29_2.jpg (14728 bytes)Island Lastovo

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Tiki 26 - Interiors and Modifications

It has been five years since the launch. Catamaran was dismantled. All constituent parts had to be colored again. And several things that were done improperly or superficially needed to be fixed or made in a different way. Therefore we spent our holidays ashore this year. We encamped for 30 days on the hot asphalt at the Yachting Center in the town of Izola.
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Wharram Tiki 26 Catamaran Story

Slideshow with more than 1000 photographs showing the entire process of building 8 m long wooden catamaran and the first five years of the trip. Designed by James Wharram Design. We built it under the Slovenian mountains in just half a year.

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Sail With As

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Tiki 26 - Art on the Water

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Books on Slovenia

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Avtorske pravice